Assistant Accountant



1. Responsible for accounting, tax reporting and company's daily financial work;

2. Responsible for financial related internal control audits;

3. Manage company transfers, internal transactions, payment confirmations, timely registration of cash, and bank journals;

4. Keep track of the company's various financial information, file classification, custody and confidentiality work;

5. Complete other transactional work assigned by the financial manager.


1. Undergraduate degree or above in Finance; Working language can be either Chinese or Korean;

2. Familiar with national financial laws and regulations, audit regulations and tax policies;

3. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

4. Familiar with financial workflow and proficiency in office softwares;

5. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


A larger salary than their competitors: fixed salary + annual project bonus

Flexible: You are not required to punch in when arriving each day+ quick, clear, and easy communication between management and staff.

Heathcare: 5 insurance and housing fund and commercial supplementary medical insurance

Office Welfare: Electric lifting table, Okamura ergonomic chair, Macbook Pro laptop with a 24 inch display, and unlimited supply of fruit coffee snack drinks.

Engaging group activities: Friday afternoon tea, badminton, billiards, birthday parties, game consoles, board games, weekly SPA, and an annual overseas luxury tour.