Data development engineer



1. Monitor and collect our business statistics and big data;

2. Construct a big data platform


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science or engineering

2, 2 years of relevant experience in the field of big data, have a good understanding of  big data system architecture, understand big data related technologies, such as ETL, report development, with data analysis technology

3, Skilled use of sql, strong coding / debugging diagnostic capabilities, solid data structure and algorithm base

4, Proficient in one or more programming languages, familiar with Linux systems, shell scripts

5, Familiar with AWS Redshift and related toolchain

6, Strong learning ability, willing to endure hardship, enjoy working as a team, be able to solve problems independently
7.  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


A larger salary than their competitors: fixed salary + annual project bonus

Flexible: You are not required to punch in when arriving each day+ quick, clear, and easy communication between management and staff.

Heathcare: 5 insurance and housing fund and commercial supplementary medical insurance

Office Welfare: Electric lifting table, Okamura ergonomic chair, Macbook Pro laptop with a 24 inch display, and unlimited supply of fruit coffee snack drinks.

Engaging group activities: Friday afternoon tea, badminton, billiards, birthday parties, game consoles, board games, weekly SPA, and an annual overseas luxury tour.