ME2ON subsidiary ME2ZEN passes KOSDAQ pre-examination review


<2019-10-25> KOSDAQ listed company ME2ON announced on the 25th that its overseas subsidiary ME2ZEN has passed the pre-examination and approval for KOSDAQ listing on the Korean Exchange.


ME2ZEN is a Hong Kong gaming company that provides casual and social casino gaming services to global markets. ME2ZEN not only develops games that meet user needs, but also has the ability to publish and market. They are a very competitive global game development company.


The ME2ZEN game portfolio includes: Classic / Video games (can be divided into Casino and Slots according to the game form); Casual Card game “Solitaire,” a safe and stable revenue provider; New game “Tripeaks," which shows rapid development trends. These three projects combined consist of more than 35 games, mainly in North America, and provides service to users worldwide.


ME2ZEN’s new casual card game ‘Solitaire Tripeaks Journey’ was released less than one year ago and has already exceeded 5 million downloads. It has grown rapidly in North America, Europe and Asia, broadening the company’s business scope and game portfolio.


Operating performance over the years shows that ME2ZEN continues to grow. Last year's turnover exceeded 566,021,065 HKD and operating profit reached 231,530,292 HKD, achieving rapid growth. This trend has continued through the first half of this year, with turnover and operating profits of 299,649,453 HKD and 131,930,345 HKD, respectively, showing that the company's growth is stable and solid.


In addition, ME2ZEN's parent company is Korean listed company ME2ON. Through this IPO, the company's holding structure will be more stable. At the same time, this is the first time that a foreign company acquired by a Korean listed company will be listed on KOSDAQ.


ME2ZEN Representative Lau Ho Ming states; "ME2ZEN focuses on North America and has been operating and developing social casino, casual and other types of games since 2012. ME2ZEN has extensive experience in game development as well as many competitive advantages. The company will regard its listing in South Korea's KOSDAQ as a new breakthrough to strengthen its global competitiveness and will continue its efforts to gain market and user recognition.”

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